"Sonderarchiv Moskau" a comprehensive online guide (German only)

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

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The website sonderarchiv.de by Sebastian Panwitz, provides extensive information on the long time unaccessible record groups of the "Sonderarchiv" at the Military State Archives Moscow. A large number of the hosted archival collections are still waiting for scholarly investigation, because the archives just opened in 1990.
The website is not an official rather than a complete presentation, but a collection of as much information as available for the moment, alludes Sebastian Panwitz. Besides information concretely refering to the records groups, you will find usefull information on the history of the archives, on traveling to Russia as well as accomplishments on the working conditions at the scene.
The record list contains over 650 entries. Among them are a huge number of personal papers, institutional collections and papers of Jewish communities from all over Europe. Additional information is added on over 80 record groups. For example, you will find inventories on following personal paper collections (incl. record-no.; PDF):

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