Documentation of the Jewish Cemetery in Schwedt/Germany available online (German only)

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Friday, March 06, 2009

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Within the framework of the project Juedische Friedhoefe in Brandenburg, which was founded at Potsdam University (Germany) to document these important places of Jewish cultural heritage in the district of Brandenburg, comprehensive information on the Jewish cemetery of the city of Schwedt is available online now. Besides information concretely refering to the physical structure of the cemetery, the map of the cemetery, the allocation list of the tombstones and the tombstones themselves, you will also find additional information on the history of the cemetery and the Jewish community of Schwedt.
The Jewish cemeteries of Gross Neuendorf and Wriezen are also available.
For researchers the Epidat-project (temporarily under construction) at Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute at University of Duisburg might be also of a higher interest. (see: Blog-Post epidat - An epigraphical database of German Jewry)

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