festival 2009 at the Werbellinsee in the north of Berlin

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

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From April 30th until May 3rd 2009 the festival will take place for the second time in Germany. "The Festival is to take place in Werbellinsee, north of Berlin, in a large hostel-type facility in a picturesque landscape. The location offers lodging for several hundred participants and many seminar rooms, making it an ideal location for a comprehensive program. The site was founded as a getaway for Young Pioneers (in communist East Germany) and since 1989 has gradually been modified into a vacation and conference centre."

As it is said on webpage:

" is a place...
  1. where Jews of all religious and political backgrounds meet to learn, discuss and celebrate together,
  2. where you can expect to meet Jews who are different from you,
  3. where you can learn something new, whether you know nothing about Judaism yet, or you are a rabbi or professor,
  4. where participants themselves decide what they want to learn, and what they want to teach,
  5. where you can offer a presentation on any Jewish theme in which you have some expertise,
  6. where you can attend or offer workshops in German, English or Russian,
  7. where there is room for the broad diversity of Jewish topics: religion, tradition, politics, society, literature, art, music and more,
  8. where everyone from the age of 0 to 120 is welcome."


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