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Sunday, March 08, 2009

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You might have recognized that there were a few things changed on our Salon JS websites in the last time. We added for example contact information to the below left navigation bar. Maybe some of you already wonder about the new website's authority ISMAR ELBOGEN NETWORK FOR JEWISH CULTURAL HISTORY e.V.. It is a newly founded non-profit organization by students, graduates and Ph.D.-students from the fields of humanities, social sciences and cultural sciences. Our initiative wants to achieve following two main aims:
1) the establishment of a international network of young scholars and researchers from the named fields, for support and interconnectional help (first step was to set up a website for research information on archival-, book- and digital collections in the framework of the “project in progress” Salon Jewish Studies)
2) the development of understanding for aspects of Jewish histories and cultures in different regional communities and national societies.

Even if the initiative is still in its so called "child's shoes", we are really optimistic to make some progress during 2009. An important first step will be the launch of an online-platform (under the adress http://elbogen.org).

Everybody who is interested in our work, everybody who wants to get more information, everybody who wants to get involved somehow, PLEASE CONTACT US.

To handle things easier, I started a TWITTER-PROFILE as well as a TWITTER-GROUP called ELBOGENNW. Twitter is a social network and micro blogging system which has a few advantages compared to Facebook and others (detailed information you will get on Library Clips [hint by Archivalia]). We would really much appreciate, if ESPECIALLY SUBSCRIBERS TO SALON JS, will join us on Twitter and get in closer contact with us. If you have questions, for example how to operate on Twitter, feel free to ask. Of course you can also send an email to info@elbogen.org or leave comments directly on blog-posts. Thank you very much.

Frank Schloeffel
board member


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