- source of out-of-print Jewish recordings

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

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The founders of Save the Music state on their project: "Save the Music is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of cultural music through its digitization and placement on the Internet. Founded by Roman Ajzen a few years ago, Save the Music has already become the leading collector of Jewish Music LP's in the world. Just as important is our goal to become a virtual meeting place for performers to interact and post upcoming concerts, events and releases. We aim to preserve the past and assist its renaissance in the future. We plan to offer streaming and on-demand listening options so that the site can serve as both an online radio station and library[the site already do that]. This unique combination caters to everything from leisurely listening to research and everything in between. Together with extensive supplemental content such as historical context, original lyrics, transliterated lyrics, and translated lyrics, Save the Music will offer an informative experience to newcomers and connoisseurs alike."
The content of the site is devided into different sub-sections. For example, you can search after artists, albums and performers as well as after certain songs in Hebrew (751 songs), Ladino (221 songs), Yiddish (655 songs), English (65 songs), French (2 songs) and Instrumental Jewish Music (202 songs). Overall more than 1800 songs and over 170 albums have been digitized until know. All the songs are listenable online.

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