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Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Gallica, the digital library project of the French National Library (BnF) contains a number of (mostly French) Judaica. Under the given Subject „Juifs“, the user receives a list of very diverse material.

The displayed list includes a series of reprinted material on the French Revolution and the emancipacion of the Jews:
some other documents on the history of french Jewry:
some Antisemitica:
and very few mediaeval prints in Latin and Hebrew:
The displayed list, however, seems not to be representative of the actual holdings on the topic: A free search query offers significantly more material, including a number of Zionistica, for example:
also the French zionist periodical L'Écho sioniste (Le Peuple Juif) that was founded in Paris 1899 is - at least in wide parts - available online.

After all, a beta version of the new interface (Gallica2) promises notable approvement of the previous, heavyhanded, rather confusing and error-prone site.

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